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Ride with a partner or ensure the group has an officer bringing up the rear. In the event someone needs to pull over for an unscheduled stop, the partner or the officer in the rear shall stop in case assistance is needed. It is unsafe for a large group to stop on the side of the road. If someone needs to pull over, the remainder of the group should continue to the next stop. At that time, the group will decide to wait, send a rider or two back, or continue?


The lead motorcycle should be in the left 1/3 of lane, the second motorcycle should be in the right 1/3 of the lane, one second behind the first rider, and so on. Leave enough room between each motorcycle so that any rider can maneuver to the right or left without hitting anyone else. Always stay in line with the bike in front of you. Do not switch between the left and right side of the lane.


All motorcycles ride in a single line, two seconds behind one another, in either the right or left third of the lane. The lead rider determines on which side of the lane the group will ride.


Passing should always be undertaken one motorcycle at a time, in staggered formation. Remember, passing at any time can be hazardous. Use common sense.



Hand signals need to be simple, easy to learn, and be kept to a bare minimum. Either the rider or passenger can relay the signal. As soon as you see a signal, you should give the same signal so the rider behind you can see it. If the phrase "1/3 of the lane" is used, it is referring to riding in the right or left track of the lane. The following hand signals may not always be used by every group you ride with.

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