Our Boardtracker HOG Chapter Officers


 Director - John H.



 Assistant Director - Kevin M.



 Secretary - Sarah H.



Membership - Mary J.



 Treasurer - Lisa R.



 Editor - Laura F.



 Sergeant at Arms - Jeff K.



 Activities Officer - Jay H.



 Ladies of Harley

Sherry M.



Dawn M.

 Ladies of Harley

Dawn M.



 Safety Officer - Van A.



 Merchandise Coordinator - Joy H.



 Webmaster - Jody S.



 Historian - Neale H.



 Road Captian - Donn F.



 Assistant Road Captain
Lyle B.


 Assistant Road Captain
John L.

 Assistant Road Captain
Matt R.


 Assistant Road Captain
Gerry W.



We are looking for someone to take the photographer position.

See any officer if you are interested.