Welcome to Boardtracker HOG Chapter #3588

Let's have some FUN!!

Boardtracker Hog Chapter is all about riding, good times, and good friends united by the passion for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. We put together a variety of rides from short trips to support our local sponsors to a full weekend getaway. During the cold Wisconsin winter, we get together to celebrate Christmas, enjoy a Janesville Jets game, or just hang out at Boardtracker Harley. Stop by the dealership most any Saturday for a burger or hot dog grilled up on the patio, and check out bike nights on Tuesdays from June through August.

Boardtracker H-D HOG Chapter members are a family, connected by our passion for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. We ride for community improvements, a cause, or just for FUN.


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Newsletter articles

Rain's World

Page 4 - Rain Nietzold talks about some exciting things that can happen in the Chapter.

Nominated Required Positions

Page 5 - Your nominated board tells us a little about themselves and the direction they would like to see the chapter take.

Cross Winds

Page 7 - A place for members to ask questons or express their concerns.

Backstage Pass

Page 8 - A few highlights from the Dealer event on January 20.


Page 10 - Bob Stone announces that he is staying on as Membership.

Tub Run

Page 10 - A listing of volunteer positions that need to be filled for our Tub Run event.

February Events

Page 11 - A listing of all events happening for this month.

Ride 365

Page 12 - A new riding program from Harley Davidson that encourages you to ride.

Member’s Closet

Page 14 - Boardracker Chapter items that are for sale.

Squeaks and Squeals

Page 16 - Notes, Tidbits, Thank You’s, Upcoming Events and more.

Camden Playground

Accessibility helps take away the stigmatism placed upon those with special needs by allowing them the opportunity to interact with those without; CAMDEN Playground has allowed this to happen by giving ALL kids a place to play, a natural environment in which that fear is erased, and all people can play and grow together, equally.

Tub Run

The concept for the MDA Tub Run was developed about 22 years ago. It was decided that putting some type of event together to benefit MDA (since Harley Davidson and MDA have had a relationship for many years) seemed to make the most sense. An event that included a motorcycle ride that would end at a location that included food, music and activities was also at the top of the list.

And so, our event was christened the MDA Tub Run in 1994, and went off in June 1995 for the first time with about 200 riders. We raised $12,317 for MDA. Since that first year, our HOG Chapter has donated more than 2.1 million dollars to MDA. We thank those founding members for all their dedication and hard work. Without them and the many volunteers that have helped over the years, we wouldn't have achieved the level of success that we have. After all...our Tub Run is the 3rd largest event of its type in the country!


When you're ready to join us, fill out the membership form here.

If you have any questions contact any of our Officers here.